What Men in Buea Think About Women Without Bras

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It’s no longer a secret that some women these days do go about their daily activities without wearing bras. This phenomenon is very common among millennial women. Studies have shown that women choose to go braless due to discomfort, health-related issues and for social reasons. This last reason – social, is what some men in Buea, capital of Cameroon’s Southwest region, are yet to understand. Why some ladies give reasons relating to the discomfort and health-related issues, this is what some men in the town of Buea think:

Village And City Relationships: The Experience Of A Young Lover


Growing up in Takov, a village Nkum Subdivision, Bui Division, Northwest Cameroon, I was told that if I had sex at a really young age, my mind was never going to be stable. Unlike in cities where parents would have lessons with their children about sex education, it was taboo in my Muslim-dominated Takov to say something about sex and sexuality. I am Dan. I grew up to the age of 17 without hugging a girl; talk less of kissing or having sex. Dating among children in my community was forbidden, though there was no written constitution. I understood religion was the bedrock of that.