Village And City Relationships: The Experience Of A Young Lover


Growing up in Takov, a village Nkum Subdivision, Bui Division, Northwest Cameroon, I was told that if I had sex at a really young age, my mind was never going to be stable. Unlike in cities where parents would have lessons with their children about sex education, it was taboo in my Muslim-dominated Takov to say something about sex and sexuality. I am Dan. I grew up to the age of 17 without hugging a girl; talk less of kissing or having sex. Dating among children in my community was forbidden, though there was no written constitution. I understood religion was the bedrock of that.

Opinion: Can Sisiku and Co Represent Ambazonia In Any Negotiations?


On Friday, June 3, news broke out that the incarcerated leaders of the Ambazonia Interim Government have met the Cameroon government to negotiate for a ceasefire in the war-torn Anglophone Regions. The news has brought almost all factions in the Anglophone quest for independence issuing out statements here are there.

Fiction: I Love Her To Let Her Go

FeaturedI Love Her To Let Her Go

The worse thing in life is to coerce people to love you of which they don’t want to. We do face challenges sometimes because we think we can get whatever thing we want but life is not like that. My name is NDK. I want to share with you something small that I’m going through with a girl. Some of us do live a life whereby, when we don’t get what we want, we turn to ignore the people whom we wanted favours from them. I know most guys will not share my idea. For instance, you try to court a girl and immediately she turns you down, you make her an enemy. To me that’s weird. I have done that several times but it’s not helping.