Music: “Be Proud” Remix Hailed as National Unifier

By Agborndip Priscilia, in Buea

When the original song “Be Proud,” by Lukong Dieudonné aka Witty Minstrel was released in June 2020, it was seen as a source of pride for the people of Nso. Now, the remix version of the song, many say, is drawing the entire nation even closer.

Following the release of the remix of the song, Cameroonians from all walks of life have expressed their opinion on what they feel about the collabo.

The remix of the Njang brand which featured musicians like Vernyuy Tina, Mr Leo, Awu, Gasha, Kameni, Magasco, has revealed how rich and diverse Cameroon is in terms of cultural heritage.

Many Cameroonians are of the opinion that, the remix of “Be Proud” is utterly important and neccesary for the growth of the country’s entertainment sector.

According to Dzelambong Dora, “the remix of ‘Be Proud’ is very important because it helps foster peace building, unity, and showcase our cultural diversity.”

She added that, “this music is a stepping stone to Cameroonians tolerating one another and living together, despite the cultural, social and political differences, considering that the artists in the music are of different tribes with diverse cultures.”

Meanwhile, Ndzi Giyo told TWIF NEWS that such collaborated pieces have an important role to play in the entertainment industry.

“The remix is of prime importance, as it helps give the artists a bigger fan base, and encourages unity among these celebrities in particular and the music industry as a whole. Nowadays, there is a lot of content. In order to target a larger audience, there is the necessity of such remixes.”

However, he warns that “Cameroonians should not go about remixing just any kind of song.”

Considering the release of “Be Proud” on Friday December 4, 2020, many lovers of Cameroonian music are pleased with this move. They are calling on all musicians to follow suit, calling it a step towards accommodating and tolerating everyone’s differences. To them, such moves can promote nation building and a happy coexistence void of stigmatisation and hate.

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