TWIF NEWS’ Communication Director Gets CHYMALL Award

By Njodzeka Danhatu

Kesah Princely, a social entrepreneur who doubles as TWIF NEWS’ Communication Director, has received an outstanding leader award from CHY Group Ltd.

This was during a business convention held in Douala recently, to recognise excellence in outstanding leaders.

It was organised by the Dorey and Edymond Service Centres based in Douala and Buea respectively.

Kesah Princely was distinguished for his relentless effort in fostering collaboration and team building in the industry.

He has been an investor in Sairui for barely five months. 

“This award is not so much a surprise because I have put in a lot of work,” Kesah said.

 “I still intend to do quite much at the company,” he added.

The disability advocate cum Sairui coach said he was happy that persons with disabilities were being honoured.

“…I can only tell those who are my followers and mentees to stand with me, the company and together we will fight poverty in Africa.” 

The goal, he said, is to empower youth and develop the mindset that Africans need to push the continent to another level. 

“I am sure this is only the beginning,” he hoped.

“I am quite certain that as we continue to push on with entrepreneurial activities, awards like this are bound.” 

CHY GROUP LTD is a conglomerate of two giant e-commerce companies from Malasia and China (Sairui & CHY). It specialises in the production of QUANTUM Energy Health and Fashion Products. The company operates an EFFICIENT AND UNIQUE QUANTUM INOVATION TECHNIC in the marketing of its tangible products. It is known as “THE NEW RETAIL,” where consumers shop and become business owners of the company.

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