Presbyterian Pastor Condemns Human Rights Abuses, Beseeches God To End Devastating War

By Regis Che, reporting from Niete, Kribi

A pastor of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon, PCC, has condemned the armed conflict in Cameroon’s two English-speaking regions, saying it has left devastating consequences on the population.

Speaking to his East Mungo North Presbytery PCC Niete-HEVECAM congregation, Rev. Aterechim Gurgen Acha beseeched them to pray more than ever before, for God to stop the persistent war.

In a harvest thanksgiving service on Sunday September 13, 2020, the pastor revealed that heavy life and material damage have been recorded as a result of the war which he said, has no signs of ending any soon.

The servant of God intimated that the crisis has not only seriously affected Cameroon’s Anglophone regions, but the entire country — coupled with a plethora of crises such as an insurgency by the religious sect, Boko Haram in its northern regions.

He entreated faithful to present their harvests; bearing in mind their brethren and compatriots who have been caught in the dragnet of the deadly armed conflict.

The harvest thanksgiving service was dubbed Harvest of Peace, coined from the biblical book of James 3:18, with catch phrase, “O Lord give peace to our Church and Nation.”

Worried by the devastating snarl, the man of God cited instances of human rights abuses such as in Ngarbuh and Muyuka, where Cameroon’s military and separatist fighters respectively, have been accused of wreaking havoc.

“Guns and bullets have brought no peace to Cameroon,” the clergy told christians.

“It is high time, we as the Church stood up and prayed for an end to this devastating war,” he added.

Since the inception of the crisis in the North West and South West regions of the country, the PCC has not been indifferent to the conflict.

Years back, when the conflict was less severe, the PCC organised a national intercession to end the socio-political imbroglio that has now resulted in the burning of hundreds of villages, killings of thousands, with the displacement of over a million from their homes.

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Published by Paul Njie

Paul Njie is a Cameroonian journalist. He's the Editor-in-Chief of the online news website, TWIF News. He's also a broadcast journalist with Hi TV Cameroon, where he anchors political TV Shows and does news reports.

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