PhD Thesis: Dr. Nyenti Calls For Professionalisation of Curriculum

Defense in session

By Kesah Princely and Ngome Michael, In Buea.

One of the main problems plaguing higher education in Cameroon has been identified by the newest doctor of philosophy (PhD) in the University of Buea(UB), to be the lack of Professionalisation in the quality of training.

This was the focus of a PhD thesis defended in Educational Administration by Nyenty Stephen Atem, Friday September 4 2020, at UB’s Faculty of Education Conference Room.

In an exclusive interview granted to TWIF NEWS shortly after Friday’s defence, Dr. Stephen Atem revealed that researching on the ” Professionalisation of higher education and graduate employability in Cameroon” was a dream come true owing to the difficulties encountered by university gradutes in the country.

“I have observed that many young gradutes spend time writing government competitive exams instead of delving to work in their fields of study as a result of poor quality training,” he frowned.

The young academic intimated that factors such as poor infrastructure, lack of human resources, as well as the absence of a qualitative curriculum are some of the major obstacles which have impeded the success of university gradutes in Cameroon.

“If higher education programmes are well designed and the curriculum tailored to suit the demands of gradutes in the job market, they will be self employed and less dependent on government,” Dr. Atem highlighted.

Supervised by Professors Nnane Peter Ebontane and Bessong Joseph Bessong, the researcher entreated aurthorities of the University of Buea and other higher institutes of learning to ensure that employers of different walks of life are consulted prior to designing academic programmes.

“Students should as well be guided to undergo quality internship Programmes,” he added.

Dr. Nyenty Stephen Atem is one of three doctors of philosophy to have defended their theses in UB’s Department of Educational Administration in the past one week.

The defense team urged Dr. Nyenty to be assiduous and resourceful in moulding up future job creators and not seekers as identified in his thesis.

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