COVID-19: NGOs In SW Schooled on Community Response

By Paul Njie, In Buea

Leaders of some Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs) in the South West region have been drilled on how to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic at the community level.

This was during a training session on Tuesday August 18, organised by Reach Out, a local NGO aimed at empowering communities, especially in the domains of health, education, among others.

During the training, Reach Out taught about 15 leaders of local NGOs in the South West, different techniques of strengthening community resilience against COVID-19.

These leaders were urged to go back and teach members of their various organisations what they learnt at the training session, so that there would be a broad fight against the global pandemic.

Participants at the session say they were greatly empowered.

“It gave us a lot of insight on how we can carry out activities or projects in the communities without infecting others,” says Echochu Stephen, Director of the Center for Peace and Sustainable Development in Africa (CEPSDA).

“I think the training is a booster to my response as far as COVID-19 and the community are concerned,” Echochu added.

He promised to also train members of his organisation on COVID-19 response, so that they can do better in the community when going out for projects.

At a time when the Coronavirus cases keep increasing in the country, Reach Out is influential in giving aid to persons tested positive for the virus.

They provide Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as well as cash transfers to people who have tested positive.

Many hope to see COVID-19 defeated in Cameroon, especially at the community level.

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