Chymall Boss Outlines Lucrative Business Opportunities Ahead Of “Life-Changing” Buea Convention

By Kesah Princely & Regis Che, In Buea

A new business retail model dubbed Chymall is fast gaining grounds, not only in over 50 countries across the globe, but also in Cameroon where many persons sign up daily to savour the juicy fallouts of the traditional E-commerce company. 

With over 50.000 partners in Cameroon, the coordinator of one of the major service centers in the country, Buea-based Edymond Office has announced a “ground breaking” sensitization and capacity building seminar for Sunday August 23, at Saint Claire Hotel.

TWIF NEWS’ Kesah Princely and Regis Che, leaders at Chymall, both hooked up with the Coordinator of Edymond Service Center in his office at Mile 17-Buea.

In an exclusive interview with the reporters recently, Kencho Desmond intimated that the Buea Convention would be a moment of interaction with potential members whom he stressed would have enormous opportunities in the company.

“We [the Buea management] intend to bring people from different walks of life to get them acquainted with the advantages of the new retail model where they will partake in the sharing of the company’s profit,” he revealed.

The Service Head expressly stated that the reliability and advantages of the Shopping Mall are so glaring that no one would like to be left behind.

“Chymall is a duly registered company with established structures, which enable you make profit within the timeframe of 10-12 days,” the dynamic youth leader added.

The company has amongst other advantages, the possibility of withdrawing trading capital, and income generation does not depend solely on the referral of people to the business.

Created on March 27, 2019, with the brand Sairui Shopping Mall, headquartered in Accra Ghana, the fast growing multi-billion world E-commerce giant in June 2020, became a conglomerate and was renamed Chymall.

All routes would be leading to the venue of the historic Chymall seminar slated for Sunday August 23, 2020 in Buea, chief capital of Cameroon’s South West region.

Contact: 674667038/676146578 if you want to either be part of the sensitization capacity building seminar or if you want to be given detailed information about Chymall for registration.

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