Cameroonian Sex Workers Lure Blind Men Into Sex

Cameroonian Sex Workers Lure Blind Men Into Sex

By Kesah Princely, in Buea

Over the years, most Cameroonians have been of the view that persons with disabilities have very little or no quest for sex.

Society often marginalizes such persons, tagging them  ‘talented beggars’ who have little or no sexual intercourse skills.

Contrary to such a  degrading stand point, I witnessed where some sex workers enticed two Persons with Visual Impairment (PVI) into making love in a small town in the South Region of Cameroon; around its frontiers with Gabon.

I choose to publish this story not because I am a journalist with visual impairment, but to communicate to the world that blindness does not reduce one’s sexual adroitness.

You may rather be flabbergasted to find out from the sex party of that fateful Thursday December 15, 2016 that, the prowess of such beings could only be likened to that of a man who is given ” Fufu corn  and Khati-khati” — a popular local  Cameroonian dish — after a 15-day long fast.

That night, I heard one of the commercial sex ladies telling the two gentlemen with visual impairment that “Sweet Fuck na only 2K,” roughly  translated as “just FCFA 2000 and you will have a  sweet time.”

Her collegue who was irked by the fact that the potential costumers were people with visual challenges, couldn’t hide her feelings.

“They are blind people!” She shouted ignorantly.

The advertiser, as if she had spent an unforgettable love encounter with a blind man, asked her maid to shut up, “na their penis them blind? You need for taste’am, and you go confirm.” By this, she implied; “go to bed with them and you will confirm that their sex organs aren’t blind.”

I know you are very keen  to know what response the elegantly looking gentlemen provided following the spat that ensued between the ladies that very cold Thursday evening.

The two persons with visual impairment, Ryan and Pride (not their real names) would not take long to approach the  almost naked beautiful girls. Don’t ask how I knew the ladies were well packaged.

Like a goalkeeper set for a penalty, Ryan told his comrade that it was needless to miss such an opportunity that availed itself, that tempting evening.

The commercial sex workers watched with admiration the way the soft spoken gentlemen charged towards them like athletes training ahead of the famous Mount Cameroon Race of Hope, organised annually.

“Add  FCFA 5000 to this money and we can party all night,” Pride told Ryan as he compressed some bank notes into his palms.

What I’m yet to tell you is that, a group of men who had come to hire some of the ladies now became spectators, as the two “special clients” negotiated with the two ladies who had picked up a quarrel on the lovemaking stamina of their two potential clients.

In a rather relaxed and confident move, Ryan disclosed to the call girls who had seemingly forgotten about their “usual costumers” that, “we will be needing you for the night, and not just for minutes.”

Guess what?

The earlier uninterested worker completely forgot that they had to settle on the night’s fee.

She gripped the two men as they headed across the busy street.

On-lookers found it hard to believe the miracle that had just occurred.

As a journalist with visual impairment, I told my colleagues with whom I was on the said evening, that we should pass the night in a nearby hotel, so that we could book an interview with the PVI cum ‘heroes’ — a title they earned from their sinew — and the commercial sex workers the next day.

My colleagues did not however buy my thought.

I retired home at least satisfied, because nearly 20 persons had been sensitized on disability mainstreaming and inclusion, an art that leaves much to be desired in Cameroon.

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