What Men in Buea Think About Women Without Bras

Braless women

By Njodzeka Danhatu

It’s no longer a secret that some women these days do go about their daily activities without wearing bras. This phenomenon is very common among millennial women. Studies have shown that women choose to go braless due to discomfort, health-related issues and for social reasons. This last reason – social, is what some men in Buea, capital of Cameroon’s Southwest region, are yet to understand.

Why some ladies give reasons relating to the discomfort and health-related issues, this is what some men in the town of Buea think:

They think that women who walk in public without wearing bras are prostitutes.

Recently, I was in Molyko – a vibrant community, dominated mostly by students, because of the University of Buea. The kinds of things I heard, only God knows.

“Have you seen that girl?” a taxi driver showed a young and bouncing lady standing on the roadside, to his passenger.

She was about 22 years old, I guess.

“Look at her breasts, they are very fresh, strong and pointing” the driver added.

While the passengers in the cab turned to look at the lady, I was not an exception. Her breasts, I must admit, were the centre of attraction to all of us in the car. All the passengers commented except me, since I was merely a curious listener. The lady wore a very tight-fitting gown that revealed all her curves. She was utterly attractive, I must say.

While I was angry that the traffic between Malingo and Checkpoint would not allow me to reach the office on time, the passengers and driver seemed not bothered because they had seen a wonderful creation of God.

“Her dressing is an advert that she has something to sell,” said passenger one, seated in the back.

“That one ehh, you don’t need to ask for sex again, because her dressing says it all” the second passenger complemented.

“These kinds of girls will never allow any man to suck these nipples; they are scared of them fading out,” we turned and looked at the driver as he released those words from his mouth.

“I wonder what they do to have such kinds of breasts!” the driver added

“Those are the kinds of things that do make some of us not to concentrate at work,” he said, and I burst into laughter, remembering how some great men have fallen from power because of women.

As the car was standing, other vehicles were horning from behind, signalling that the road was clear for us to go. But, our taxi driver and some passengers were not seemingly noticing because of the attention that was paid towards the lady standing by the roadside.

What we witnessed is not only common in Molyko but in Buea as a whole.

I once attended a pool party event which was aimed at sensitizing young people about the dangers of HIV and AIDS. Women of all shapes and sizes were in the swimming pool.

But when it was time for a fashion parade, a well-shaped lady, about 1.80 metres tall, weighing about 40 pounds, made a guy to collapse.

The lady in question among others, approached the judges from a distance, walked majestically and then stopped suddenly when she was at a two-metre distance from the judges. She moved her butt to the left, then back to a balanced position, and finally, twerked to the right. She did the same exercise twice.

“Wow, that girl is something else, see those boobs,” a guy shouted from the crowd.

While filming, his hands were shaking.

“I can’t control myself,” I heard him add. His voice was heavy but his tone began to decrease slowly.

Before the pretty damsel could walk past us with her string pant, beautiful black skin and a well-structured body, the guy had collapsed.

Back to our issue of women and bras, why are some of them comfortable without bras in public?

To the New York City career coach, Judith Gerberg, going braless in the workplace is increasingly common among younger women. “Millennial women are much more self-confident than women used to be. Being seen in public while not wearing a bra is becoming more acceptable, encouraging more women to go without.” He said.

Now, most women who do this say they are fighting against gender inequalities in society.

According to a story on Wikipedia, women do complain that the requirement to wear a bra is an unequal treatment, given that boys are not required to cover their breasts or nipples.

To be candid, I don’t know how ladies feel when they see men shirtless, compared to when men see women braless.

In Cameroon, many cases of rape have occurred but one cannot independently say whether this kind of dressing, like the one my fellow men in the taxi were enjoying, contributes to it.

I am not saying that women should wear bra always, but I am rather encouraging them to always think twice about their way of dressing.

Just imagine that my fellow men in the taxi rather saw that girl alone at night in an isolated place, where no one else was around. Do you think they would let her go?

Going braless is common in Buea. I can’t count the times I have felt uncomfortable in public gatherings, just because I have seen a woman with indecent dressing. I like fashion, please, don’t get me wrong.

For me, instead of moving around without a bra because you want to show that you’ve got fine breasts that are still kicking, why not wear a dress that can cover them properly, and stop being a negative subject of discussion among men?

When they see you braless, all that comes to their mind is to have sex with you and nothing else. Indecency is even a crime in Cameroon.

Ladies, please, at home when you are alone, you can even undress completely and feel free, but not in public places. Remember, the Bible says our bodies are the temple of the Lord.

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