Opinion: Anglophone Secessionist Conflict: What Have Persons with Disabilities Done To The Biya Regime?

By Kesah Princely in Buea

The rate at which Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) continue to suffer under flying bullets in Anglophone Cameroon, is increasingly a cause for concern.

Since the inception of the Anglophone armed conflict in 2016, Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) have seemingly been forgotten by the Cameroonian government.

The local media unfortunately is giving a deaf ear to the plight of these vulnerable persons. According to statistics from the Coordinating Unit of Associations for Persons with Disabilities (CUAPWD) Bamenda, nearly one thousand PWDs have greatly been affected by the ravaging armed conflict which is nearing a fourth year.

Human Rights Watch earlier this year, revealed that PWDs in Anglophone Cameroon were in dire need of humanitarian assistance.

In 2018, the government of Cameroon announced a humanitarian package of FCFA 12.7 billion. Two years after the said plan, persons with disabilities continue to wallow in anguish, as they lack basic needs such as food, water and shelter.

Months back, persons with visual impairment who have been displaced from Kumbo, Bui division of the restive North West, moved to Bamenda under very horrendous conditions. Their fellow persons with disabilities had to make heaven out of hell, to host the stranded persons. This has prompted many of these differently able persons to begin asking whether being a person with disability in Cameroon is a crime.

As a person with visual impairment myself, I wonder how soon the 38 year-long Biya regime would take, to come to the aid of PWDs. If this government still has anything to offer, why then are these special people left to add insult to their disability? Unless the regime means that persons with disabilities are not too important to belong to this country, the time to do something to avert the status quo is now!

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