"The Cosmic Message"

Shouting erodes the streets with terror,
People running helter-skelter
Screaming for help which none could provide
White powder pouring from angle to angle,
Youths throwing stones and streets blocked with garbage
Homes, churches, schools, and hospitals all in flame
People running from jungle to jungle,
Nation to nation seeking for refuge
Homes devasted and families separated.

Sit behind these grievous youth
Whose minds and hearts boil like the melting magma
With devasted minds ready for all the worst
Many minors and others; adults filled with anger and ready to devour any uniform found on the street like a lion looking for flesh to devour.

They all rallied for peace, equality and freedom,
But war and mockery they received
Those they voted and called their Representatives despised them and called them all sorts of names
Women raped before their loved ones
While fathers slaughtered before their kids

The Innocents lavish in the jungle where life is for the fittest
While the guilty bombast them with charges of guilt and find their way out of the jungle
Injustice has become the anthem of the day to day activities.

But beware! The cosmos has a message for you…

I tell you verily verily that a day shall come;
When you shall seek unity and find disunity
When you shall seek peace and find war
When you shall seek favour and find terror
When you shall seek warmth an find the cold;
The desert shall become your companion
The sin be one with you
The lion’s den shall be your home
You shall wear crowns of thorns and on toes you shall walk on thorns
For the adage goes thus;
The human race shall never see peace until the plea and cry of the minority is overheard….


Son of the Soil. Levis Ngoe (Nefenda Itoe)

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