Amid Lockdown: UB Students Boycott Classes, But Administrators Present

By Sandrine Akeabeh, in Buea

Students in the University of Buea have boycotted classes, amid the six-day lockdown imposed by separatists in the two restive Anglophone regions.

Classes this Friday morning were empty, as students remained in their homes for fear of the unknown.

Some lecturers were present to give out lectures, but barely met any students to teach.

The lockdown seemingly did not affect administrative functions in the University of Buea, as some offices were open, with admistrators carrying out their functions with little or no fear, due to the presence of security officers on campus.

The sounds that were predominantly heard around the university campus, were chirping sounds of birds, echoing in amphitheatres.

Some cleaners in the university were on campus doing their job while security officers moved from one amphitheatre to another to ensure security.

TWIF NEWS got information that, many students left the campus hostel for vacation before the imposed lockdown began. It is however unclear when these students will be back on campus to pick up from where they ended.

Meantime, forces of law and order are plying the streets of Buea, to preempt any attack from armed separatist fighters.

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