Twin Elections: CPDM Uses Special Status To Woo SW Electorates

By Kesah Princely & Regis Che, in Buea

The Coordinator of the ruling Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement, CPDM party for the South West, has entreated the population of the region to massively participate in forthcoming municipal and legislative elections.

During an occasion on Saturday, January 25, to launch campaigns ahead of the February twin elections, Peter Mafany Musunge called on locals to massively vote the CPDM list so as to enjoy the fallout of a recent bill on decentralisation, which contains provisions for a special status promised by the party’s Chairman and Head of State, Paul Biya.

“We have a special status for the people of the South West and North West and so, they have to vote in order to effectively use the institutions for their development,” he said.

While calling on CPDM supporters and sympathisers not to heed to what he called empty threats from some individuals to obstruct voting, Peter Mafany opined that the electorates should confidently exercise their civic duty to select the right people who can adequately represent them at both local and national levels.

As South West CPDM list flag bearer in the elections, the President of the Bilingualism and Multiculturalism Commission, and erstwhile Prime Minister announced that 15 parliamentary and 897 municipal seats were up for grabs.

The Head of the CPDM Academy, Professor Elvis Ngole Ngole, for his part, described the potential voters as republican and democratic.

To him, the population of the South West region will massively vote the CPDM as they did for their national Chairman — 87 year-old President of the Republic — in 2018’s controversial presidential election.

It however remains uncertain if the said elections will effectively take place in the region on February 9, given that Ambazonian fighters had called for a total boycott of any elections organised by the current government in Anglophone Cameroon — an area they claim is their territory.

As a strategy to obstruct next month’s twin elections, Ambazonian leaders had announced a lockdown which they say will run from February 7 to 12.

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