TWIF NEWS Maps out New Strategies to Boost Productivity

By Sandrine Akeabeh, In Buea

TWIF NEWS has admitted new strategies which will enable it provide quality news to its audience.

This was during an extraordinary convention which was held recently at TWIF NEWS’ headquarters in Malingo, Buea.

The meeting was chaired by TWIF NEWS’ Head of Communication, Mr Kesah Princely. Present were TWIF NEWS’ reporters and friends who came together to find solutions for the betterment of the website.

According to TWIF NEWS’ Board Chair Mr Wanka’a Regis Che, each reporter has to be conscious of the audiences waiting to be fed with information on a daily basis. He urged his reporters who were seemingly out of touch with their duties, to start work as soon as possible so as to make TWIF NEWS great again.

New ideas were welcomed and implemented. Amongst the ideas, were having an assistant Web Master to assist the Chief of Web Relations speedily publish information on the website. Miss Sandrine Akeabeh, the voice of TWIF NEWS who also doubles as senior reporter was elected to this function, to assist Mr Njodzeka Danhatu. This, according to members of the crew would facilitate the publication of stories, since it would No longer depend on one person to publish.

TWIF NEWS’ Editor-in-Chief Mr. Paul Njie, also told reporters to be self editors and to write more often to keep the website alive.

TWIF NEWS has been one of Cameroon’s leading online news websites for close to 2 years now. Though it is successfully achieving its goals, it has not been void of lapses. The platform for sometime has not served its audiences with consistent news; reason why a convention was organised to reawaken the website and its workers.

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  1. To the Chief of TWIF NEWS and to the workers, i highly, and must appreciate all that you are doing to keep everyone updated with infor around the world and to the recent decision you have taken to make sure TWIF NEWS stay Alive. I thank you guys for that. Keep up.


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