Njoya Ajara Sends Cameroon To Next Round of Qualification

By Ngain Steve Jordan, In Yaounde

Cameroon has just obtained its ticket for the next round of the Olympic Games Qualifiers 2020. The Indomitable lionesses once more raised the Country’s Flag

The Lionesses won 2-1 against Ivory Coast this Tuesday afternoon at the Omnisports Stadium in Yaounde.

A score enough to clinch their qualification after the (0-0) draw brought on Saturday from Abidjan. Goals came from Charlene Meyong (26th Minute) and Nchout Njoya Ajara from the penalty spot (86th minute) while the only goal of the Ivorian side was scored bg Amon Rebecca (47th minute).

The Lionesses’ next opponent in the final of the Africa zone is Zambia after they beat Kenya (3-2)to Pick their qualification status.

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