Bamenda: Mistaken Identity Leaves One Dead

By Nsah Edwin, In Bamenda

A man mistaken for a military spy has been lynched to death in Bamenda by alleged separatist fighters.

TWIF NEWS sources say the man whose name we could only get as Pascal aka “Bali Boy,” went for a stroll along the neighbourhood of Ntatru last Monday, generally considered by pro-independence fighters to be a ghost town day.

In the audio that has gone viral on social media, a man purporting to be the colleague of late Pascal explained that Pascal had a device on him, which was interpreted to be a power bank. However, other colleagues to the late Pascal revealed to TWIF NEWS that the device was rather his hearing aid since he had a hearing impairment.

Hitherto, the late Pascal was a worker with a renowned bakery in Bamenda and was resident at Ade Metres.

Some armed men, supposedly pro-independence fighters, intercepted him on Monday, October 28 during his stroll, and disconnected his hearing aid device, mistaking it for a security monitor. Fearing what might befall him — since he could no longer get the questions of his interrogators, after the seizure of his hearing aid — Pascal then slipped off the hands of his captors and took to his heels.

Convinced that he was a military spy, he was pursued, recaptured, and later lynched to death. His corpse was then dumped at the gate of the Bamenda Regional Hospital Mortuary. His relatives and friends later identified and deposited the corpse at the morgue, pending burial.

His supposed colleague in the viral audio lamented that Pascal was not a spy, but simply a bakery worker with aural impairment.

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