200 Million FCFA To Be Disbursed For Bafoussam Calamity

By Regis Che, In Buea

Cameroon’s President, Paul Biya has ordered for the disbursement of 200 million FCFA to assist victims of Monday’s natural calamity which befell Bafoussam, West region of the country.

The announcement was made on Wednesday just after the holding of an Inter-ministerial Committee meeting in Ngouache, Bafoussam.

The the landslide that reportedly perished 43 lives was detailed to have killed amongst them 26 kids and 4 women who were pregnant.

Some of the victims are reported to have fled the socio-political imbroglio in Anglophone Cameroon, which International Crisis Group says has killed about 3000 people.

The 200 Millions is disbursed to assist families of the deceased in burying their dead, and also to help survivors who have lost their property including homes to relocate to safer areas, reports say.

A local member of Cameroon’s Assembly from that area has also donated 25 million FCFA as financial aid to affected persons, while a local ruler has made available land to enable the relocation of people in Ngouache.

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