42 Perish In Bafoussam Landslide

By Sandrine Akeabeh, In Buea

Inhabitants of the West region of Cameroon are in grief after at least 42 persons including four pregnant women are reported to have died, and over 50 missing in a landslide at 2eme Carrefour Gouatchié, in Bafoussam III.

The tragic incident occurred on the evening of Monday, October 28, due to a heavy downpour.

Surviving victims are currently at the Bafoussam Regional Hospital receiving treatment, while the rescue squad is on the scene battling to find over 50 missing persons as declared by the Governor of the West region, Awah Fonka Augustine.

Many have been rendered homeless due to the massive destruction of houses caused by the landslide. At least 11 homes have been quashed to rubble. However, there are growing fears that it might cut across other areas of the West region.

The Minister of Territorial Administration is currently in the West region, to take stock of the situation. Earlier on Tuesday, the Minister of Decentralisation and Local Development, Georges Elanga Obam gave the sum of FCFA 25million, as money meant for the families of the victims.

Meanwhile, the Head of State, Paul Biya, has sent his condolences to victims of the incident.


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