After Retirement From Football: Eto’o Opens Sports Betting Company

By Ngain Steve Jordan, In Yaounde

Samuel Eto’o has established an online betting business, barely a month after retiring from football.

The former Cameroon international recently launched his new company,, on his Facebook and Twitter handles. The sports betting sector caught the interest of the man with four African gold balls.

In a publication on his Twitter and Facebook pages, Samuel Eto’o said he decided to get into sports betting “just because my life is a set of won bets.”

At the moment registrations can only be done online. The game is not yet available in kiosks or agencies.

Samuel Eto’o announced his retirement last month, after having a wonderful career. At club level, he won 3 Champions League titles and at the national Level, he won the AFCON in 2000 and 2002.

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