EU Calls for Another Dialogue to End Anglophone Crisis 

By Kesah Princely

The European Union Council has called for an inclusive dialogue to solve the crisis plaguing Cameroon’s two Anglophone regions, decrying the use of violence which it says is not the answer.

In a press release issued on Monday, October 14, the EU Council, adopted 8 resolutions convening the current stalemate in the West African oil rich country. 

“The use of violence in these regions is not the answer,” the release read in part.

The EU further reaffirmed the need for all parties in Cameroon to respect  the rule of law and find solutions through an inclusive dialogue.

The association reiterated its continuous support in efforts to bring peace to Cameroon, while urging both parties to show interest in the Swiss-led negotiation.

The EU among other points, welcomed the release of opposition politician, Professor Maurice Kamto and some 333 Anglophone detainees which it said is a gesture of goodwill.

The council’s conclusions came barely two weeks after a national dialogue in Yaounde geared at resolving the conflict in North West and South West regions of Cameroon.

However, the dialogue resolutions said, the North West and South West should be given a special governing status.

The EU is not the only body pressing for another inclusive dialogue. The US Embassy in Caneroon, in a release denouncing the brutal assassination of a wardress in the North West, called for an inclusive dialogue to halt the imbroglio in Cameroon’s English speaking zones.

According to the EU, the rights of persons, freedom of speech and expression should be respected. 

The organization also frowned at the fact that the violence in Anglophone Cameroon has caused enormous damages; rendering about 530,0000 persons internally displaced, and about 42,000 others as refugees in neighbouring Nigeria. 


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