No Worth for Secrecy in Technological Era

By Njodzeka Danhatu 

Many years ago, most people cherished their secrets, and guarded them very jealously. Until one was caught, you could never believe they were capable of committing certain acts.

Today, there are new dynamics. People have tended to reveal their own secrets, at times, not only to people they trust, but to the entire public. With the advent of modern day technology, it seems there are no secrets any longer. 

Let’s look at “self-filming” which has become common nowadays.  

People doing all kinds of things still want to film, snap or record.

By keeping track records of these, it is either they want to show them to the world, or some particular persons. It is seemingly unknown the main reasons behind that but it looks like they derive pleasure in showing people their good, bad and ugly moments. 

Let’s look at these examples. People film themselves having sex: be they married persons, students, children or girlfriend/boyfriend.

Why film? To watch later and correct the errors? I don’t think so. These videos end up circulating in wrong places; they are either shared intentionally or unintentionally. 

Another case is muder. Some people take delight in filming themselves killing other human beings. Such things have ended up being scandals and many have ended up behind bars for revealing their own atrocities. Other people snap for souvenir purposes but have also faced self incrimination. While eating, dancing, kissing, hugging,  fighting, and quarreling, people still snap.

Why snap what you are not supposed to?

It’s not a bad thing to snap or film, but how it ends up being interpreted is what is bad. What you are doing today may be good but a scandal tomorrow.  

Soldiers killed women and children in the Far North of Cameroon while filming, but today, they are allegedly behind bars. A man in Kumba harassed a girl sexually while filming, but ended up running for his dear life.

If you don’t think about the repercussions, please don’t indulge.

About the Author: Njodzeka Danhatu is a Cameroonian based journalists. Writes for multiple media organs. He is also a social critic.

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