Major National Dialogue Participant Arrested In Yaounde

Paddy Asanga, one of the participants in the just ended national dialogue has been arrested and detained at SED in Yaounde, Cameroon’s capital.

He was whisked away from the Yaounde Central Prison to the State Secretariat for Defence, SED on Wednesday, October 9.

According to sources, Asanga went to visit some Anglophone inmates but was rather caught filming and taking pictures in Kondengui.

Asanga represented the Cameroonian diaspora in the national dialogue that held between September 30 to October 4.

He came to Cameroon from Germany, upon the invitation of the National Dialogue’s Coordinator, Prime Minister Chief Dr. Joseph Dion Ngute.

Asanga was very out spoken during the dialogue as he castigated the government for paying their flights and lodging, yet, not giving them the chance to properly table the views of the Cameroonian diaspora.

Reacting on his arrest, frontline Ambazonian activist, Tapang Ivo classified him as an Ambazonian Spy.

According to Tapang Ivo, Asanga was paid by Ambazonia to spy and send information about inhumane treatment of detainees in Cameroon, which they could use to show the international community.

TWIF NEWS cannot independently confirm Tapang’s claims, as Paddy Asanga is yet to make any reaction whatsoever.

The SDF Regional Executive Committee in Germany, issued a communique signed by its regional president Jean Robert Wanko, the same wednesday, demanding for Asanga’s immediate and unconditional release.

Many have doubts about the true motives behind his detention, and are questioning if the national dialogue was genuine.

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