Kumba: Gunmen Invade Street, Kill Two

At least 2 people are feared dead and one other seriously injured following a presumed Ambazonian effort to kidnap a cocoa dealer in Kumba, South West region of Cameroon, TWIF NEWS has learned.

According to Cameroon-Info.net, gunmen invaded Mbo Street Junction in Kumba early Wednesday and attacked the store of the cocoa dealer whose name TWIF NEWS got as Martin.

These efforts were reportedly to kidnap the business man, but it is unclear whether their target was met.

The two deceased we learned, were Glory, a seamstress and another who is said to be a local fuel vendor. They were killed by sporadic gunfire; the shooting also caused another victim, Claudine to sustain some injuries.

TWIF NEWS cannot assert with certitud the reason behind the incursion, but since the outbreak of a revolutionary war between Cameroon’s regular army and secessionist fighters, there have been recurrent cases of kidnap mostly attributed to Ambazonian fighters. Many an abductee in the two crisis hit regions has often revealed that they have been victims of kidnap from Ambazonian fighters, stating their releases were often facilitated with payments of ransoms.

This attack came barely a week after President Paul Biya’s announced peace dialogue just rounded off in Yaounde, with diverse proposals awaiting his approval and their eventual implementations.

Although some presumed Ambazonian separatist fighters and Cameroon’s military both claim to protect the people, they have brought untold agony on the populations of the battered regions — killings from both sides have been incessant.

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