Football Battle: FECAFOOT Vs Professional Football League

By Ngain Steve Jordan, In Yaounde

There has been rising tension between Cameroon’s football governing body FECAFOOT and the suspended Cameroon Professional Football League (LFPC).

General Pierre Semengue’s LFPC, published a communiqué on Tuesday October 1, firing back at FECAFOOT for trying to manipulate them in a release made public that same day.

Below are excerpts of the two communiqués:


“The Secretary General of the Cameroon Football Federation (FECAFOOT) Benjamin Didier Banlock, invites workers of the Cameroon Professional Football League (LFPC), presently suspended, to come towards his services for an evaluation of their professional situation,” Benjamin Didier Banlock wrote.


“The Secretary General of the Cameroon Professional Football League (LFPC), seeks to notify the public that, there are plots of destabilisation being carried out against the LFPC, by those who are afraid of the manifestation of the truth … This new plot is manifested through the summoning of the staff of the LFPC, for an evaluation at FECAFOOT… This other approach of destabilisation, is meant to distract the actors of football, judicial and state authorities.”

In the document, the LFPC Secretary General Benjamin Beyek further called on their staff to stay calm and wait patiently for the final verdict of the judicial authorities in charge.

The LFPC was suspended over a month ago by FECAFOOT, for grave violations.

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