Akere Muna Lambasts Major National Dialogue

By Kesah Princely, In Bamenda

The President of the Now Movement, Barrister Akere Muna has castigated the ongoing national dialogue summoned by President Paul Biya to resolve the Anglophone armed conflict. In a media release signed on October 1, 2019, the lawyer cum politician regretted that some key actors of the dialogue are not given the opportunity to take part in the deliberations, insinuating that he has been a spectator instead of a participant in the dialogue.

“Unfortunately, the unfolding of the events of the first day of the Major National Dialogue revealed that everything was carefully stage-managed and produced from a script from which the organisers could not stray. Worse still, certain topics such as the form of the state and the situation of political and economic prisoners, which are important in the current context, have simply been avoided.

“From what I saw, I could only suspend my participation in this event, as it became painfully clear that they needed spectators, and not participants,” the release partly stated.

After meeting with the country’s Prime Minister, Joseph Dion Ngute during a consultative meeting in view of the ongoing dialogue, the 2018 presidential candidate thought deliberations in the Biya summoned dialogue would be unbiased.

“I was hoping to find a platform where all stakeholders and sensitivities could make their voice heard and where all opinions however divergent, would be taken into account because, frequently, a way out is found at the end of a healthy debate,” he said.

On September 10, President Paul Biya in a recorded State of the Nation address intimated that the Major National Dialogue was going to have on board Ambazonia fighters and leaders in the diaspora. However, the motive behind the said national convention has come under criticism after two Southern Cameroonian activists, including Mark Bareta and Tapang Ivo were recently accused of committing acts of treason and summoned at the Yaounde Military court on October 2.

It is unclear whether Bareta and Tapang were invited in the dialogue with the hopes of forcibly dragging them to court for the alleged treasonable offences or whether they would have been welcomed at the said event if they had shown up.

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