Anglophone Crisis:COLTECH Student Hopes To Construct Building For Post-Crisis Peace

By Kesah Princely, In Bamenda

A student in the University of Bamenda’s College of Technology (COLTECH) says his dream in future is to construct a good structure in the restive Bafut subdivision of the North West region, where locals can forget the sufferings caused by the Anglophone armed conflict.

Mumbare Edison Ambe made the revelation on Wednesday September 25, while defending his project for a Bachelor’s degree in Technology.

He was one of the few — out of 25 defending students — to have been awarded a grade of excellence during the dissertation defence ceremony.

Defending his dissertation on how to improve the number of confortable hotels in Bafut in Mezam division, the ambitious civil engineer said he hopes to realise a monument in Bafut that will serve as a symbol of peace where people can gather in harmony, after the ongoing Ambazonian war of independence.

The project titled, “The Conception and Design of a G+2 Hotel in Manji, Bafut,” was defended at the Asanji VII Hall of the University of Bamenda. Speaking to TWIF NEWS shortly after the session, the architecture enthusiast intimated that he has for three years been imbibed with skills that can allow him to conceive and design ultramodern structures of various qualities.

About the G+2 hotel project in Bafut, Mumbare Edison Ambe said: “This is a must-realise project for me if I have funders. It is difficult to explain the project on paper. My know-how in the field would tell anyone, anytime and anywhere just how much I have to offer. I have the skills and the zeal but lack the required capital for the task.”

To him, such a project is very necessary in Bafut owing to the numerous deaths and displacements that the subdivision has recorded as a result of the Anglophone armed conflict which is nearing its third year.

“I believe the suffering people of Bafut in particular and Anglophone Cameroon in general need a quiet haven like such a magnificent structure to relax in, and count their blessings after this deadly war” he averred.

Wednesday’s four-man defence jury was headed by Professor Merdi Grace, who exalted the soon-to-be graduates to be assiduous and steadfast in the discharge of their duties.

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