Anglophone Crisis: Transporters Gouge Fares In Bamenda

By Kesah Princely, In Bamenda

Residents of Bamenda are yet to come to terms with recent occurrences in the city as the ongoing Ambazonian war of independence deteriorates.

Transport fare has doubled, leaving some locals who cannot afford to meet up with the increment to trekk far-off distances. Earlier on Friday September 20, some inhabitants decried the situation which is gradually becoming a new normal in Bamenda, given that they barely have food to eat, let alone having to deal with the fare increase.

People who left Bamenda to Bambili — an area hosting the University of Bamenda — paid varied fares depending on their bargaining power. Instead of the usual FCFA 500, some locals paid FCFA 1000 and others FCFA 900.

“I feel so bad and frustrated after paying 1000FCFA from Finance Junction to Bambili. What dialogue is the government talking about when the situation is growing worse day after day?” A student of the University of Bamenda questioned.

When TWIF NEWS contacted a commercial transporter to find out the reason behind the increase, he said a litre of fuel now costs FCFA 859 — the government has not announced any hikes in fuel prices.

“Apart from the increase in the price of fuel, there are several checkpoints where we lose much money to uniformed officers,” he revealed.

Apart from the fare increase, residents of Bamenda and beyond have also been experiencing blackouts for four days running. Business activities have remained timid, with some operators complaining of having lost some equipment owing to the blackout in the region.

Students struggling to register for competitive entrance examinations have been forced to move to Bambili where they pay for their phones to be powered using generators in order to have access to the internet.

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