Amend Constitution, Introduce Presidential Term Limits – Fako Chiefs

By Paul Njie in Buea

Chiefs in Fako division have called for an amendment of the constitution of Cameroon, which will provide for a presidential term limit and a rotatory presidency.

The custodians of tradition from the Fako division, South West region made the proposal on Saturday September 21, as part of their pre-dialogue contributions, ahead of the Major National Dialogue announced by the Head of State.

Under the banner of the Fako Chiefs’ Conference, the chiefs channelled ten points to the Governor of the South West region, in the belief that they could bring an end to the ongoing Anglophone armed conflict.

The chiefs also proposed that Cameroon return to a Federal system of government, but said the country should have ten or more federated states instead of the two states which existed in the days of yore.

According to the traditional authorities, separatist fighters in the bushes whom they spoke to, are ready to take part in the national dialogue, but the fighters expressed concerns about their safety.

“They [separatists] agreed that for a start, to show the sincerity on the part of the army and the administration, they will first start by participating through a telephone conference call or other social media platforms from their hiding place,” the chiefs revealed.

The Ambazonian fighters will participate in the dialogue in person, after they might have independently confirmed that they would be safe, the chiefs said.

The traditional rulers — just like many pundits — also called for general amnesty from the President of the Republic, for all those imprisoned as a result of the crisis. President Paul Biya in his speech on September 10, said granting amnesty to people who have killed, destroyed property and committed other atrocities would be tantamount to encouraging impunity — he, however, did not close the window of a pardon.

“We request for the revamping of CDC and PAMOL in order to create employment for the youth; we equally implore the government to commence the construction of the Limbe Deep Seaport.”

Also among the proposals was that regional balance and the protection of minority rights be instituted, especially in the domain of employment, appointment and recruitment.

“We request for a Regional House of Chiefs which will enable the chiefs to fully participate in Local Government governance,” the chiefs implored.

They equally underscored their support for a one and indivisible Cameroon.

As preparations keep heightening for the five-day Major National Dialogue from September 30 in Yaounde, it remains unclear whether the proposals and requests of the Fako Chiefs will be granted.


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