Ambazonian Group Decries Killing Of Batibo Woman, Says “Amba Boys” Are Innocent

By Nda Hope Ndeh, In Buea

The Ground Zero Defence Council (GZDC) has condemned the gunning down and burial of a woman in Batibo, but insists that Ambazonian fighters did not commit the act.

On Monday September 16, a social media video depicted suspected separatist fighters burying a women after having shot her on the back, around Guzang in the Batibo municipality.

It is alleged that the murdered woman betrayed the separatist movement, but there has been controversy about who the real killers could be.

An extract of GZDC’s communiqué reads: “The Ground Zero Defence Forces distance themselves from a viral video that depicts the burying of a woman alive by some boys purportedly from Guzang.”

“We want to seize this opportunity to condemn acts like this as we promise that the council will carry out investigations to know what actually happened and bring the perpetrators of such acts to justice,” the council noted.

The Lord Mayor of Batibo has acknowledged the killing of the woman, and has written on the council’s Facebook page, condemning the act.

“It is with anger-filled trauma that I write condemning the burial of a life being in our municiplality. No matter the reason, I shall never be part of such gruesome acts!

“I say again, there is life after the crisis and each of us will give an account of what he/she has done,” the municipal administrator wrote.

Since the release of the controversial video, armed groups in Anglophone Cameroon have been playing the blame game, calling the killing as a staged incident by their enemies.

Batibo has been one of the battle grounds for the ongoing conflict in the English speaking regions of Cameroon.

On February 11 2018, the Divisional Officer of Batibo, Mr. Marcel Namata Diteng, was kidnapped, while presiding over Youth Day celebrations. It was later reported in June that he had been killed.
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