State-planned Burial: Can Mugabe’s Soul Rest In Peace?

By Regis Che

The controversy that has been raging over where former Zimbabwean president would be buried has at last been settled. Robert Mugabe would be inhumed at the National Heroes Acre, TWIF NEWS has learned.

Earlier in April while Mugabe was bedridden in Singapore — where he had been on treatment before his dimise — the patient reportedly told his family, he should not be interred at Heroes Acre, when he dies.

He instructed his family, he should be laid to rest next to his mother, Bona Mugabe, at his residence in his hometown, Kutana.

The statesman’s refusal to be buried at the national cemetery like other heroes, sparked controversial opinions amongst Zimbabweans, most of whom were war veterans who had worked with him.

Some liberation ex-combatants warned against the burial of Mugabe at Heroes Acre, stating “he had become a sellout.”

This was after the leader was forced out of office by members of his own ZANU PF party, who moved a motion to impeach him with the high support of the country’s military
on November 21, 2017. This marked an end to his 37 year-long strong grip on power.

Meanwhile, war veterans in the Eastern part of the country, Mashonaland, had stated that key national figures be inhumed upon their demise, at the national Heroes Acre, arguing there was no reason to discriminate among freedom fighters given they all fought for a common goal — that of liberating the country from British colonial rule.

The late former ruler also reportedly barred the current ZANU PF government from presiding over his funeral when he dies on grounds that they masterminded his shameful downfall.

Just recently, current President, Emmerson Mnangagwa announced his predecessor was a hero, and will be buried at the national monument.

The family’s spokesperson, Leo Mugabe, told the BBC on September 13, that the family had agreed with government’s burial plans, but said the date for the burial exercise was yet to be scheduled.

The deceased’s nephew, Leo added that Mugabe’s body will be taken to Kutama, after the state funeral on Sunday. This will be for clan chiefs to perform some traditional rites, he said.

TWIF NEWS cannot ascertain what consequences might ensue on the part of the ZANU PF government and relatives of Mugabe, for having disregarded the late statesman’s will.

Last respects were paid to the 95 year-old former African strongman, whose mortal remains were laid in state for 73 hours at the 60.000 capacity Rufaro stadium in Harare — same place where he was sworn to office as President, 39 years ago.

Although some people considered the erstwhile leader a dictator, others have been pouring in eulogies, praising him as an icon who fought against the marginalisation of his compatriots by the British minority.

He is remembered for reclaiming lands from whites, stating they can own factories and companies, but not lands, because according to him, lands were strictly for Zimbabweans.

Robert Gabriel Mugabe died on September 6, 2019 in Singapore following an illness.

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