Amba Boys Shoot and Bury Woman On The Spot

By Nsah Edwin, In Bamenda

Some armed men believed to be Ambazonian fighters have gunned down and buried a woman in Guzang, a village in Batibo subdivision, North West region of Cameroon.

In a recent video making rounds on social media, the armed men forced the helpless woman into a grave, calling her a “blackleg,” an appellation given to people whom separatist fighters consider as sellouts.

It is unclear how many presumed Ambazonian fighters carried out the killing. In the video shot in a seemingly isolated area, the men could be heard speaking in native Batibo dialect, and Pidgin-English.

They instructed her to lie in the grave face down, while a man who seemed to be the commander of the group ordered that she be shot. One of the alleged Pro-independence fighters pulled the trigger of a firearm which appeared to be a pistol, and shot at the woman’s back.

Before shooting, the supposed leader warned that the shooter be careful not to reveal his face in the video, but rather make just his hand visible to the camera.

The suspected then separatists covered the body with ground. They promised to dish out a similar treatment to anyone who betrays their cause, while priding themselves as the owners of the land, who cannot be challenged in their own area.

It is unclear whether the woman was forced to dig her own grave, given that she appeared dirty, weak and tired. TWIF NEWS cannot also ascertain what the woman in the video did to warrant such a horrific death.

The brutal act has been widely criticised by many people, including the Mayor of Batibo Council who described it on the council’s Facebook page as a tragic and traumatic incident.

“There is life after the crisis, and each of us will give an account of what he/she has done,” the Mayor said.

This is not the first time someone is being killed on accusations of betraying the separatist cause of secession. Human rights groups have accused separatist fighters of gross human rights violations such as targeted killings, kidnappings and enforcement of school boycott.

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