South West: Population Reflects on Arts & Culture

By Didan Ngoe, In Buea

Crucial issues relating to arts, performance and culture in the South West region of Cameroon have been addressed at the Buea Arts Complex.

This was during a conference on September 12, amidst celebrations of the 4th edition of the National Artistic and Cultural Season.

A board of seven members presented different aspects of cultural setbacks in the region. Dr. Mekunda — one of the board members — stated that many villages have been created in sites which were not known to be villages today.

Showcase of culture at Buea independent square

The arts and cultural festival which began on September 10, centred on the theme: “Contribution of the Arts and Culture Sub-sector for the Constant Consolidation of Peace, Unity and Harmonious Living Together for an Emergent Cameroon.”

The three-day event was marked by significant display of diverse artistic and cultural elements.
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