Biya Is Dodging Swiss-led Mediation -Ambazonian Acting President

By Nsah Edwin, In Bamenda

The acting President of the self-declared nation of Ambazonia, Dr. Sako Samuel has accused President Paul Biya of attempting to derail from the Swiss-led negotiations, by proposing some “cosmetic solutions” in form of an all inclusive national dialogue.

Dr. Sako Samuel was reacting to President Biya’s address recently, during a recent 24-minute counter address, to cast doubts on the genuine nature of President Biya’s dialogue.

He said that Pro-independence leaders cannot be part of any dialogue whose convener called on the foreign countries hosting Ambazonian activists to act against them – whom Mr. Biya referred to as criminals.

He further alluded to alleged mass graves discovered in Soa-Yaounde containing presumed corpses of Anglophones, and the brutal murder of a 6 month old baby, its mother and aunt in Ndop, to lay the blame on the atrocities being committed in Anglophone Cameroon at the doorsteps of the Biya regime and its military. TWIF NEWS cannot independently confirm such claims.

Speaking on ABC TV, Dr. Sako called for the intensification of ghost town operations, announcing the prospects for a revision of a lock down, in the build up to the national dialogue, due to commence by the end of September.

He called on those he termed Ambazonians to empower the restoration fighters, promising hell for the Biya regime.

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