Reactions On President Biya’s Speech

By Njodzeka Danhatu, In Buea

The President of Cameroon, Paul Biya, has announced a national dialogue to take effect this September.

The dialogue according to him, will centre mainly on the Anglophone crisis

He made the remark on September 10, in a surprised nation’s address.

The dialogue as he intimated will be chaired by Cameroon’s Prime Minister, Chief Dr. Joseph Dion Ngute.

Following the call, many have begun reacting across the board.

Cardinal Christian Tumi: Religious Leader

“I am happy because Paul Biya has announced the national dialogue. Because we have always called for a national meeting to solve the problems of the North West and South West regions”. To those who are still reticent, he said: “let’s give dialogue a chance. We must go to this dialogue with intellectual honesty and no one has the monopoly to seeking the solution to the current crisis. We must all love our country.”

Agbor Nkongho: Award Winning Human Rights Lawyer

“The call for an all inclusive dialogue is very appreciated. The government should now allow Anglophones of various political thought to mobilise, organise themselves and take part without fear of arrest or other punishment for their ideas.

“The announcement of the all inclusive dialogue should signal the end of arrests of Anglophones for their political ideas. They should be allowed to participate without restriction. This is about their future.

I urge those who will be attending the national dialogue to call for the release of all those detained in connection with the crisis, the need for constitutional amendment and also to ensure that the form of the state is equally discussed at the dialogue table.

“Whilst my expectations were not fully met in the speech, we should give peace a chance by supporting the dialogue process.”

Abdulkarim Ali: Muslim Scholar of the Bible

“Dear Southern Cameroonians… don’t blink, don’t fall for the cheap bait and don’t be carried away like an in-law who has become an out-law.

There is nothing concrete he will say tonight about us. There is no tangible thing the French prepared statement will do regarding our suffering. Not after 3 years of *_maximum torture, killing, maiming, oppression,rape,exile,displacement,jailing,mass burrying*_etc etc. The military till this date terrorise us in French on our streets, homes, markets and prayer arenas.

“I know Enablers are happy to listen to their president. Well note this; that won’t change our resolve or the pressure mounted especially as the UN general assembly approaches. That won’t move a fly in Southern Cameroons.

What will be a meaningful read.

1. Demilitarise our territory.
2. Release every single Southern Cameroonian
3. Account for all missing Southern Cameroonians
4. Pull out your administrative cabal from our land
5. Meet us on the table for negotiations.

“Anything short of the aforementioned, amounts to another stupid French language speech whose tone and sound of the alphabet I don’t like.

Meantime, it’s more than time we stopped fighting in public dear Southern Cameroonians. It’s about time we collaborated in great detail.”
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