Students Foil kidnap Attempt In Bafoussam

By Sandrine Akeabeh 

Two students from Government Bilingual High school Bafoussam are believed to have forestalled an attempt by a taxi driver to kidnap them.

The students whose only names TWIF News got as Junior and Joel were on their way back from school on Monday September 9, when they were almost taken away by a taxi driver at marché “B.”

One of the victims told TWIF News that they had closed from school and were on their way back. Due to the heavy rains, it was difficult to get a ride to their destination so they decided to trekk.

When they arrived marche “B,” they were fortunate to get a taxi.

“There was no body standing on the street to board a taxi. Most of them had looked for a place to hide and wait for the heavy rains to cease. But since we were impatient to get home, we were in the rains struggling to get one,” he said.

Two out of three had entered at the back sit and were waiting on the third to get in when the taxi took off. Fortunately for them, the door was still open which permitted them to rescue themselves.

“Immediately we struggled to step down after so much difficulties, he banged his door and took of in high speed,” Junior told TWIF NEWS.

The students further told TWIF News what made them believe the driver was a supposed kidnapper: he was looking shabby and when they asked him to wait for their friend, the driver refused, telling them their friend would take another taxi.

“I also asked the driver to stop so we could get out but he turned a deaf ear and continued moving and when we struggled to get out, he slammed his door. If it wasn’t a kidnapper, he wouldn’t speed off the way he did and would stop to check on us as well,” one of them added.

Occurrences like this are rarely strange amongst inhabitants of Bafoussam, because they usually happen, especially during school periods. Students are often kidnapped or murdered in cold blood, with their vital body organs removed.
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