Mother, Sister Of Ambazonian Leader To Appear In Court

By Nda Hope Ndeh, In Buea

The mother and sister of Ambazonia’s Secretary of Communication, Chris Anu will appear before the Mfoundi High Court on Tuesday September 10, their lawyers have revealed.

This follows a habeas corpus filed by their lawyers, after an initial arrest and incommunicado detention of their clients at the National Gendarmerie headquarters since their arrest earlier in August.

Barrister Ndong Christopher, a member of the defence team, has termed the trial of the women “illegal.”

80 year-old mother, Grace Mafuantem Anu and daughter Beza Berist, were arrested in Yaounde on August 2.

Sources say eight soldiers arrested them at their Obobogo residence in Yaounde III subdivision, after searching and allegedly discovering 1.6 million FCFA in their keeping.

Media reports say soldiers had suspected that the women were keeping ransom money collected from kidnappings made in the crisis ravaged North West and South West regions.

Chris Anu’s brother, Field Marshall – a dreaded Ambazonian warlord – was accused of executing the kidnaps together with other separatists under the Ambazonian Interim Government. He is noted for priding his “Red Dragons” armed group for killing numerous Cameroonian soldiers.

Chris Anu took to social media to threaten the Cameroonian government, and call for the release of his mother and sister. In another statement, he said, “my mother and sister are not different from other Ambazonians in custody. They are making a mistake; now we know who has been kidnapping in the name of Amba boys.”

Chris Anu’s mother sought refuge at her daughter’s residence after her home was set ablaze in her native Lebialem, sources say.

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