Lawyers Strike: Outcome Of Bad Governance – Barrister Kemende Henry

By Sandrine Akeabeh, In Bafoussam

The announced nationwide sit-in strike by lawyers in Cameroon represents the poor system of governance in the country, Barrister Kemende Henry has said.

In an exclusive interview with TWIF NEWS, the legal practitioner revealed that lawyers of the Cameroon Bar Council are said to go on strike due to the rampant violation of rights of their members and poor administration of justice in Cameroon – situations which he claimed precipitated the ongoing Anglophone crisis.

According to the barrister cum senator, a lawyers’ strike depicts and represents a bad system of leadership in the country, which ought to be handled quickly before it escalates.

“The stubbornness of the government of Cameroon and the silence of the international community shall see Cameroon keep going down to the abyss of a failed state” he said.

He added that the truth must always prevail and will never be suppressed. To him, this accounts for why the Anglophone crisis in the two restive Anglophone regions began with the grievances of Common Law lawyers, vis-a-vis the way justice is administered within their jurisdiction and the country at large.

He also said that the move by the Cameroon Bar Council, if applied in the territory of the former Southern Cameroons, shall dampen or constitute a setback to the struggle for independence.

“The answer to all what is happening remains at the political realm of our country.”

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