Military To Protect Students From “Amba Boys”

By Nsah Edwin, In Bamenda

A new military unit has been deployed to the crisis ravaged North West region, to ensure the security of children who will brave the odds to go to school.

The Commander of the Fifth Joint Military Sector, Brigadier General Agha Robinson Ndong made the announcement on September 7 in Bamenda, where he revealed that the special patrol unit would be stationed at some key parts of the region.

According to the Army General, the special deployment of troops comes at the request of parents longing for the education of their children.

The target localities include Oku, Wum, Nkambe, Mesaje, amongst others.

General Agha Robinson

The Brigadier General equally made it clear that his elements are strategically positioned in the City of Bamenda, charged with the mandate to forestall all attempts by Pro-independence fighters to disrupt smooth educational activities in the area.

The Commander further urged parents to shun fear, trust in the efficiency of the country’s defence and security forces in protecting lives, and send their children to School.

This call comes at a time when inhabitants of Bamenda finished observing the first half of a two-week-long lockdown declared by Ambazonian Ground Zero Forces, an act aimed at perturbing a fourth year of school activities in the area.

Owing to the 10 day shutdown of activities in Anglophone Cameroon, some locals in the North West region have complained the act has either resulted in the shattering of window glasses, or the destruction of the walls of their business places by bullets.

This was especially glaring in the Travelers’ neighbourhood, where fighting was most intense, especially on the first week of the new academic year 2019-2020.

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