Lockdown: Economic Blessing To Francophone Regions

By Jervis Che

Lockdowns which have accompanied the Anglophone crisis for the past 3 years now have served as an economic boost to the French Speaking regions of Cameroon.

The shutdown strategy implemented by Ambazonian fighters has been used to disrupt school activities, national events and express dissatisfaction with some circumstances in the course of the Anglophone crisis.

For fear of insecurity, some denizens in these regions have frequently packed out to neighbouring cities like Yaoundé, Douala, Bafousam and other areas each time there is a lockdown as is the case now.

Pathetically as business and economic activities in the North West and South West are halted, there is a boom in the neighbouring Francophone regions. There has been a sharp increase in the population of schools in Francophone Cameroon, as some IDPs and other Anglophones who have resettled in these regions have enrolled their children in such schools.

These regions are also gaining economic steam through renting of new houses by resettlers from Anglophone Cameroon, buying foodstuff and doing business. Meanwhile, business operators, traders and drivers in Anglophone Cameroon have continuously expressed bitterness with the numerous halting of activities and called on those involved to reconsider such a strategy.

In an interview with TWIF NEWS, an inhabitant in Anglophone Cameroon stated that the Mondays which is now a traditional ghost town day is already enough. “You cannot drink poison an expect an enemy to die,” our interviwee said.

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