Civil Society Organisations & Political Parties Endorse Lawyers’ Strike


By Kesah Princely, In Buea

Some Cameroonians have declared their support for an announced nationwide strike action by lawyers.

In a release signed recently, some 18 members of opposition political parties and civil society organisations, say the government needs to address the plights of the legal practitioners.

Last Saturday, lawyers of the Cameroon Bar Council revealed they will be observing a five-dat sit-in from Monday 16 to Friday 20 of this month, owing to inhumane treatment meted out on them and their clients, by the Cameroonian authorities.

These worries are amongst the many that have compelled a spectrum of political parties and human rights groups to advocate for the respect of individuals’ rights, especially those they said had unjustly been imprisoned 3 to 5 years ago in connection with the the Boko Haram insurgency.

“We recognise and applaud the critical role of the National Bar Association in ensuring the respect of the rule of law for the benefit of all Cameroonians. It is ironic that those who are supposed to protect the rights of every Cameroonian and ensure the rule of law are the ones flagrantly violating it and judicial processes,” the communique read in part.

The 18 signatories of the recent document said a majority of people who were detained in connection with the Anglophone crisis were arrested in early 2017 before some activists took up arms against the state.

“It is unconvinceable to accuse, arrest and imprison people who exercised their constitutional right to non-violent protest. Maintaining them under arrest is an injustice which continues to radicalise part of the Anglophone population and perpetrate the crisis in these regions [North West and South West],” they decried.

They also revealed that Cameroon is currently undergoing many challenges which according to them were caused by the country’s leaders: poverty, insecurity, corruption, and violence. They intimated that they should not be allowed by the citizens to deteriorate.

Cameroonians were urged to take a stand and take action to lead the country out of its present predicaments.

Despite the declaration of war on separatist fighters in 2017, President Paul Biya has been striving for an emergent Cameroon by 2035, although many have condemned the slow pace and ineffectiveness at which foreign investors execute projects in the once peaceful country.

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