School Resumption: Mayor Ekema Pledges To Guarantee School Goers’ Security

By Kesah Princely, In Buea

The Mayor of the Buea Council, Ekema Patrick Esunge says he will stop at nothing to weed out “maquisards” for an effective school year in his municipality.

Speaking on “Cameroon
Calling”over the national radio on Sunday September 1, the Mayor entreated parents to shun fear and send their children to school this Monday.

The anti-Ambazonian activist frowned at calls for school boycotts and promised to frustrate any move aimed at obstructing students from attending classes.

“How deceitful these maquisards are! Most of their children study in comfortable schools. So, why should they be deceiving our own children? They are trying to create a gap which they will fill with their own children in the future. Let us stamp that nonsense out,” he said.

Buea Mayor, Ekema Patrick
Buea Mayor, Ekema Patrick

Owing to a separatist threat of an imposed lockdown in Anglophone Cameroon from September 2 to 6 and September 9 to 13 to ruin academic activities, Ekema Patrick revealed he was ignorant of any shutdown.

“I don’t even know anything about the lockdown. We have been able to operate businesses in this municipality on Mondays. So, we don’t know anything about a lockdown. If they want to lockdown, they should lockdown the forest, not the area which is inhabited by us,” he insisted.

The CPDM Mayor also revealed he will be stationed at Mile 17 which is the gateway to the town from 6:00am to 3:30pm when schools would have closed.

Since the ongoing Ambazonian war of independence broke out, the Buea Mayor has always claimed to protect Buea inhabitants against acts of civil disobedience that can put the country’s national unity in jeopardy.

In 2017, he promised to compensate business owners whose shops would be attacked by Ambazonian fighters, but failed to respect his word when some shops were razed in Mile 17 weeks later.

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