Mayor Ekema Undertakes Anti-lockdown Tour

By Kesah Princely, In Buea

The Mayor of Buea Council, Ekema Patrick Esunge is on the field to forestall any move by pro-independence fighters to effect a two-week lockdown, TWIF NEWS has learned.

In the midst of a heavily armed military contingent and elements of the Buea Council Police, the Mayor is touring neighborhoods in his area of command to avert what he calls a maquisard act.

A source in Soppo told TWIF NEWS that locals were forced to open their shops as a result of fear from the Mayor who stormed the area just before midday this Monday September 2.

Buea Mayor, Ekema Patrick
Buea Mayor, Ekema Patrick

Mayor Ekema has on several occasions, sealed shops of some business persons who obeyed separatist calls for ghost towns.

Earlier on CRTV’s Cameroon Calling on Sunday, Ekema Patrick said he knew nothing such as lockdown or ghost town given that business activities according to him, have been booming in Buea every Monday.

He also intimated that he would be at Mile 17 today, to ensure a smooth takeoff of the
2019/2020 academic year and to frustrate any lockdown plan driven by restorationists.

Despite the Mayor being embedded with the military, streets have remained deserted, with few taxis in circulation, while most shops in other neighbourhoods are on a close.

Ambazonian fighters scheduled a lockdown from Monday September 2 to 6 and 9 to 13 in other to ground school activities in Anglophone Cameroon for a forth year running.

Some Ambazonian activists such as Mark Bareta have revealed on social media that schools will only be allowed to operate normally if the international community brokers a peace deal between the belligerents.

Meanwhile, pro-government activists say children’s education should not be used as a political bait.

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