Gunmen Attack Ambulance, Disrupt School Resumption

The Ambulance of Saint Blaise Catholic Hospital, Bamenda, along with some other cars which dared to ply the road this Monday September 2, came under attack from unidentified men.

The gunmen which some have identified as armed separatists , had declared a lockdown across the North West and South West regions, with the aim of preventing children from going to school. Most cars who tried to circulate today were shot at, some sustaining damages.

Sources at St. Blaise Catholic Hospital say the ambulance was attacked around Akum, as assailants rained down bullets on the bus from a location beside the council market hill.

The ambulance is said to have transported a patient from Saint Mary Soledad Hospital on Saturday August 31, for extensive medical care, but was attacked on its way back on Monday.

Ambulance attacked

There have been several calls from different bodies for both military and non state forces to stop attacking medical institutions in the restive North West and South West regions. The call was further intensified by the South West/North West Women Taskforce (SNWOT), on different social media platforms calling on both forces to stop violent attacks against hospitals, ambulances and medical staff.

Meantime, reports from most parts of the region indicate most parents have kept their children back home, despite several calls for schools to resume.

For security reasons, some schools decided to shut down their doors. However, many schools are registering students and pupils, preparing to reopen after the lockdown which runs till the 13th of September. Parents who didn’t have the means to relocate to different and safer towns, say they have no choice than to wait for things to cool off and send their children to school.

Over 90% of schools in the North West have been shut down as a result of the ongoing socio-political unrest, with separatists hijacking education as a means to push government to easily declare an independent state of Southern Cameroons now referred to as “Ambazonia.”
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