Mark Bareta Attacks Biya’s Government

By Kesah Princely & Paul Njie

Ambazonian activist Mark Bareta has accused the Cameroonian and Swiss governments of sponsoring newspapers in Cameroon to attack him and Ayaba Cho Lucas, leader of the Ambazonian Governing Council.

In a recent Facebook post, Mark Bareta alleged without proof, that the Swiss government colluded with President Paul Biya’s country to paint a bad picture of them. TWIF NEWS cannot independently confirm the veracity of this allegation.

The latest reactions from the CEO of Bareta News comes after some Cameroonian newspapers reported on the need for Belgium and Norway who host the two Ambazonian fanatics, to rescind their citizenship.

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TWIF NEWS cannot also confirm the claim that these newspapers were sponsored by the Cameroonian and Swiss governments.

Mark Bareta and Ayaba Cho have been accused of sponsoring armed groups in Anglophone Cameroon, ordering them to kidnap and kill citizens — claims which they have not denied.

“I am unapologetically Ambazonian, and I shall exhibit the rights of self defence of our people anytime and any day without blinking,” Mark Bareta said.

“We will continue to donate funds to arm our people on ground zero because the right to bear arms is a universal right,” he added.

Secessionist leaders and activists in the diaspora have been criticised for fanning the flames of the Anglophone armed conflict in Cameroon.


Meanwhile, the Cameroonian government has had its fair share of critisim for provoking the armed conflict. This is not the first time the Biya-led government is coming under fire for conspiring with a foreign nation to get to separatist leaders and activists abroad.

Cho Ayaba
Cho Ayaba.

Cameroon colluded with Nigeria in early 2018 to arrest and extradite separatist leaders and supporters who had refugee and asylum statuses in Nigeria — both countries had no binding extradition treaty.

The Abuja High Court in Nigeria qualified the move as “illegal,” and ruled that the arrested Ambazonian asylum seekers and refugees be returned to Nigeria where they were whisked. The Cameroonian government has rather slammed ten of the leaders with a life jail sentence, a move which critics say will further aggravate the crisis.

Both the state army and separatist fighters have been held responsible for atrocities committed in the restive North West and South West regions of Cameroon.

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