Beware Of Nigerian Men – Kenyan Model Warns Ladies

By Sandrine Akeabeh

Kenyan model, Hubbah Monroe has warned women in her country to be careful of Nigerian men because they always have hidden agendas.

She made the comment on Instagram, on August 26, where she said the reasons for the alarming rate of single mothers in Kenya is due to women’s foolishness and ignorance. To her, the most vulnerable women in romance are South African and East African women. This according to her, is because they love Sex and think Nigerian men can do it better than Kenyan men.

Kenya model, Hubbah Monroe 

Monroe advised women to enjoy moments with Nigerian guys but should be on their guard because they can do anything for money. “They have no emotions,” she emphasised.

The model further explained that, a Nigerian man could invest 10 years of his life under the pretence of love just to scam a lady.
” Nigerian men always have a hidden agenda” she added.

According to her, the women who are being victimized are embarrassed and shy away from exposing the truth. Some of these women have been crumbled and have to begin life afresh, she said.

The counsellor further contradicted herself by saying she loved Nigerian boys regardless of them being scammers because, they are smart and she learned a lot form their films.

It remains unclear whether she had earlier been a victim of a failed romance with a Nigerian lover, but the model is yet to prove some of the statements she made against Nigerian men.

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