Military Atrocity: Court Opens Proceedings On Gruesome Far North Murder

By Kesah Princely & Regis Che

Seven Cameroonian soldiers who allegedly executed two women and their two children in the country’s Far North region are due to appear before the Yaounde Military Court.

According to Amnesty International’s analysis of a video that made rounds on social media in July 2018, the seven soldiers gruesomely shot dead two women and their two kids.

The human rights group said the attire (military ware), weapons and language were all typical of the Cameroonian army.

In BBC’s investigative report released in September last year, the country’s military was indicted for the brutal killings.

Women and children killed by soldiers

The act according to the report, was committed in the Far North region of Cameroon, around Zelevet, close to Krawa Mafa near the borders with Nigeria.

The BBC also revealed that satellite images proved the video was shot around March 20 to April 5, 2015.

When a video of the murder was uploaded on social media in 2018, the then Minister of Communication, Issa Tchiroma Bakary denied that Cameroon’s defense forces masterminded the act, but later declared after the BBC and Amnesty International’s investigations that seven suspects were being investigated.

Nearly one year since the government said the situation was under investigation, seven soldiers are expected to begin answering charges of joint participation in murder, breach of regulations and conspiracy, before the Yaounde Military court on Tuesday August 27, TWIF NEWS has learned.

Cameroon has always saluted its defense and security forces for professionalism on duty.

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