Mancho Bibixy & Ayah Abine Up Anti-Lockdown Rhetoric

Ayah Ayah Abine
Ayah Ayah Abine

By Paul Njie & Kesah Princely

The Coffin Revolutionist, Mancho Bibixy and the President of the Ayah International Foundation, Ayah Ayah Abine have expressed their displeasure in the separatists’ decision to impose a lockdown in Anglophone Cameroon.

In different Facebook posts, both men lambasted the leadership of Ambazonia for going against the will of the people whom they claim to protect, by forcing them into respecting a total shutdown of their territory.

Rival Anglophone secessionist groups have announced conflicting dates for lockdown – a situation which has left the people utterly confused and scared at the same time.

One camp has declared a three-week lockdown to run from August 26-September 16, while another set a double lockdown from September 2-13.

Mancho Bibixy, regarded as an outspoken critic of bad governance, opposed the decision to declare a complete lockdown of the North West and South West because to him, students from rich homes in boarding schools would be safer during lockdowns, than those from poor homes who would be “left to face the unknown and dark future.”

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In another Facebook post seemingly related to the lockdown, he said “when the liberators [separatists] take a decision and their people escape to the oppressor’s house [French Cameroon] for refuge, we start questioning the intentions of the leaders. Any decision that is not people friendly is counter productive.”

Meanwhile, Ayah Ayah Abine who is very active on the field during humanitarian donations for his NGO, also opposed the idea of a lockdown, stating that the duration will burden the “poor” people in the English speaking regions.

Recently on Facebook, he called on Ambazonian officials who organised lengthy lockdowns to “provide financial means to these poor families to enable them get the necessities to get their warehouses stocked with enough to carry them throughout these lengthy periods.”

In another post, Abine wondered why organisers of the long-term lockdowns preferred to relocate their own families to some Francophone regions and abroad to “peacefully enjoy life,” while compelling other people to suffer from the lockdown in the North West and South West regions.

According to Ambazonian fighters, the lockdown is aimed at frustrating the Cameroonian government’s plans for effective school resumption in Anglophone Cameroon, and to oppose the life sentencing of their leaders at the Yaounde Military Tribunal.


The decision to ground activities in Cameroon’s restive Anglophone regions has been met with heavy criticism from the local population, who see it more as a punishment on them, than the government of Cameroon for whom the civil disobedience campaigns are meant.

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