Lockdown Confusion: Mass Exodus Out Of NW and SW

By Sandrine Akeabeh, In Bafoussam


Inhabitants in Anglophone Cameroon have begun evacuating the two restive regions, in search of refuge and peace in other regions, following an impending separatist imposed Lockdown.

In Kumba, Meme Division of the Southwest region, over 7000 people are reported to have fled away.

This is due to announced lockdowns imposed by separatist fighters in the North West and South West regions.

Controversy over the actual starting date of the lockdown, is one of the reasons for the mass exodus.

Different rival camps from Ambazonia have imposed different lockdowns — one due to begin on August 26, and the other on September 2.

Critics say the lack of cooperation among the separatists is putting innocent citizens in harm’s. way

According to the separatist fighters, the shutdown is a way to forestall school resumption in Anglophone Cameroon and protest the life jail sentence slammed on their leaders on August 20, by the Yaounde Military Tribunal.

They considered the court’s decision as inhumane and unjust and have adopted a strategy of school boycotts in war-torn Anglophone Cameroon, till their leaders who are serving jail terms at the Yaoundé central prison are released.

Mattresses, food items, boxes and beds were some of the items individuals carried along.

In Bamenda, the case was not different. Agencies were filled with people, but the number of buses were few. People spent hours at the agency before they were able to board a bus to their various destinations. TWIF News also learned that, transportation fare has skyrocketed due to the massive population.

Many controversies have arisen amongst Anglophone Cameroonians: some have qualified the lockdown announcements by separatists as being a form of hardship and torture on the people they claim to protect.

The limbe main market was also filled with people struggling to buy and stock foodstuff in their homes.

The crisis which began in 2016 with teachers’ and lawyers’ strikes, have become a hard nut to crack, as it keeps deepening as the days go by.
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