Girl Fakes Kidnap To Play Love

By Agborndip Priscilla, In Buea

A 14 year-old girl has admitted to police that she forged her own kidnap in order to spend time with her boyfriend.

Kosisochukwu, daughter of a renowned politician, has not had the opportunity to visit her school lover because of the long summer vacation.

According to a Nigerian newspaper, The Nation, the teen’s father Frank Anioma reported to police in Enugu that his daughter disappeared on her way to the market.

“Her phone was ringing when we called her number but there was no reply. Thereafter, it went into busy,” the confused parent reportedly told the police.

The police commissioner sent out uniformed officers who discovered the 14 year old in Owerri where her school lover was reportedly residing.

” I faked my kidnap in order for me to travel to Owerri to meet my school boyfriend,” she is said to have told the police.

Fake kidnapping

The girl in question told the security agents recently that they had been secondary school friends but she needed to go see him owing to the prolonged vacation.

TWIFF NEWS cannot confirm if the girl’s school sweetheart was also taken by the police for interrogation.

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